Made in Delta Junction, Alaska by 35-year Alaskan resident, Fran Hallgren.

Lead-free Colorado, Dakota, Indiana and Willowleaf lures in silver, gold and copper
- polished, hammered, or combined - are partnered with beads and findings
to create beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Hand-tied flies are transformed into truly unique jewelry with whimsy, elegance, or both!

Beads are put over the hook tips on the flies for your protection.

Fishing for compliments?
Hook up with a Go Fish! design below.   Don't let 'em get away!

(Don't see exactly what you want? Send me an email. I can do custom work for you. See Contact Me page for details.)

Gold over silver Colorado lures w/silver & gold beads, gold wires
$12  L1

Beautiful blue Indiana lures w/blue Swarovski crystals
$12 L2

Blue and amber crystals on these blue Indiana lures.
$12  L3

Crystal teardrop beads look like ice on these mirror hexa spoons!  Matching necklace is black mesh
$30   S1

  Silver Willowleaf with
blue and clear beads

Brass Colorado lure with amber and clear Swarovski crystals
$12  L4

Hammered Indiana lure with
"Good News Story' beads

Mirror-finish hexagon spoons w/flat white beads from Panama
$16   L40

Indiana brass on brass rings
 1 3/4" drop

  $16  L41

Indiana copper with square
 black/copper bead1 3/8" drop

Willowleaf silver,
pink marble bead2" drop
$12   L6

Colorado black w/multi-colored glitter on black wires

Colorado "fish face" spinner with cherry and gold beads.

Willowleaf brass, irridescent
 beads on wire1 1/4" drop
$12  L9

Indiana silver, black do-nut
 w/red bead1 1/2" drop
$12  L10

Indiana copper, onyx &
 copper bead1 1/4" drop
$12  L11

Fish face Colorado spinner
in blue/silver and blush - 1" drop

Copper Colorado Bolivian bead.  So shiny, it's reflecting the green cover from my iPad taking the picture!

Colorado black, gold wire-
wrap, square gold bead 1"
$12  L14

Blue Indiana blade sandwiched by brass Dakotas.
$12  L15

Red Indiana sandwiched between silver Dakotas! 
$12  L16

Indiana copper, copper-lined
crystal bead1 1/4" drop

Willowleaf silver, wire-wrap
  w/fancy bead1 1/2" drop
$12  L18

Colorado gold/orange/red
"fish" faces with gold beads
$10  L19

Holographic Colorado spinner.
Picks up the color you're wearing

Indiana silver with geometric
black wire, gold beads1 1/4" drp
$12   L20

Simple copper Willowleaf spinner. (Reflecting the green cover of the iPad I'm using to take this pic.)
$10  L21

Willowleaf silver, donut bead
w/coral bead inside2" drop
$12  L22

Two for one price.  Tiny silver and brass fish on posts.
$12  L43

  Tiny fish in bead frame.     Specify silver or brass when ordering.
One pair:  $12 

Indiana brass, multi-color beads  2" drop

Willowleaf silver, black red and
silver beads1 1/2" drop
$12  L24

Fun Colorado spinner.

Mirror-finish copper hexa-spoon,
varigated black & copper beads

Hooked on little silver fish
1 1/8" drop

Hammered copper over matte black Indiana lures - very cool.

Mirror-finish Brass Hexa-spoon with Panama beads set

Dakota brass with fancy bead
1 1/4" drop
$12  L29

Colorado hammered copper
w/silver cross and wires

Mirror-finish Silver Hexa-spoon
w/varigated blue/green beads
$16   L31

So Shiny!  Fancy Willowleaf with
gold/amber Swarovski crystals

Colorado spinners: Holographic silver over black mirror

         Matte silver Colorados: Choose green or blue design when ordering
One Pair:  $10  

Indiana silver with pearls and
black bead1 1/2" drop

Indiana silver w/cross, black & silver beads -1 3/8 " drop

Red Indiana blades w/
red Swarovski crystals on gold

Mirror-finish copper hexa-spoon
Jewel tone beads  2 1/4" drop

Mirror-finish brass hexa-spoon
with fancy beads 2 1/4" length

Maize feather w/red bucktail on red lazer hook.
$15  F1

Pink and tan fly w/pink marbled
bead on red lazer hook.
$16  F2

Elegant green feather fly with crystal beads.
$16  F3

FAVORITE - green striped feather w/ blue bucktail tucked underneath, crystal beads on top!
$16 F4

Brown feather fly on black hardware.

Slender olive feathers w/ metallic facetted beads.
$16  F6

Coppery feathers w/copper tinged black bead over the hook
$16  F7

Peachy tan feathers, oval crystal bead, antique copper hardward
$16  F8

Red striped feather, facetted beads and a red lazer hook

Pink and tan with cherry red crystals on red lazer hook!
  $16  F10

Red and lt tan bucktail on red lazer hook w/square beads
$15  F11

Little peachy feathers with
a little gold flash. Very sweet.

White irridescent wooly bugger fly on  gold w/crystal bead.
$14  F13

Olive 'wooly bugger' fly
with gold accents

Black 'wooly bugger' fly
with gold accents.

Small irridescent blue & white 'wooly bugger' w/crystal accents
$14  F17

Blue, green and tan bucktail with interesting swirled bead
$15 F18

Long black feather w/purple maribou on red lazer hook.
$16  F20

Raven-black feathers w/blue maribou trim, red lazer hook.
$16  F21

Short version of the black/purple fly on red lazer hook!

Variation on my most popular green/blue/silver fly.
$16 F23

Patriotic red feather, white maribou and blue bucktail.     $15  F24

Foxhole Special
Sunny bucktail w/feather.

Dick's Special
Perfect for summer.

Indiana copper with copper/blk
bead on 16" copper chain
$12  N1

Colorado blue "fish face" spinner.

Silver mirror hexa-spoon
Translucent blue/green
beads on 16" silver chain
$16  N2


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